31 May 2013

Alhamdulillah 4 FLAT !

I was blessed by the result of my final that was announced yesterday, at about 3.00 a.m ++
I was waiting faithfully for the result till 2.50 a.m , when out suddenly, I fall asleep as I started to lay down on the comfy bed. a little bit boring during that time because my internet connection was in problem. and at 5 a.m, i was surprised looking at my watch ! it's already 5.am and without any delay, I pushed on the start button of my lappy. I really cant feel my heart beat as I'm opening my email inbox and i have one new unread mail. i clicked on it, scrolled down and I wanna scream ! I was burst in tears alone seeing the outstanding results shown :) I'm grateful for the first time in my life, i ever felt to see number '4' to lead my GPA . :)
yeay ! I wanna scream for real . I got 4 FLAT ! it was my forever dream and I still couldnt believe to grab it for real :) Alhamdulillah !