5 Jul 2012

ZAMIR, I'm really sorry

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
this entry is specially and dedicated to ZAMIR, im really sorry for everything happen today(June 5). sorry for hurting your feeling, and for sure, i didnt mean it. i just want to have some jokes, i didn't mean to EMBARRASS you in front other, and i'll never feel to do it. aku tahu semua ni salah aku. and i should receive the impact now, from you, memang patut kau marah aku, human makes perfect, and i will not use that  quote to escape from my mistakes. sorry mengaibkan kau, dan semua benda yang aku cakap buat kau terasa.aku tak tahu nak cakap apa, kau mungkin masih marahkan aku atau terasa, aku harap kau boleh maafkan aku, and I MUST behave my self after this, i need to watch my words, it sometime and always bring DISASTER to me. i dont want to lost a friend, just like you. everything happen is all because of me, im imperfect, i shouldnt do this and i hope you will read it. we're still friend? and i hope you will regard as friend, i dont want to loose you and from deep of my heart, i regret for what had i done towards you. i've nothing to say more as i cant stop from blaming my self for dragging my own self to this problem, silly me. and I REALLY HOPE THAT MY APOLOGY IS ACCEPTED. insyaAllah. friend?? please do accept my APOLOGY from me on behalf of my fault. hope everything will be normal.

scared of LOOSING you as friend. and family of c5.