6 Jul 2012

Oh My Quiz Math!

i just want to scream loudly that I failed to achieve my target in Math. can't hide my sadness anymore, im was disappointed by myself, what have i done to my self. i play a lot, facebooking, twittering and blogging too much, now i received the impacts now. i speechless, feeling down and what so ever, i can't stop myself from being burst in tears. :'( arghh.. this is not me, I must wake, i must fight for my future, don't think to much on that quiz even it will be my carry mark. i can't stop untill i reach what i wanted to. i don't know to whom should i share my sadness and tears, i can just update my entry, about what i feel like now. i feel that im useleess, i use for nothing, my parents had invested and sacrificed a lot of things on me just to make sure that i'll be in university. is this what i should pay them back? a horrible RESULT! im screaming silently, i let my tears rolled my cheek, what should i regret for, i can't back to the time when the quiz is started.  kecewa, sedih.. ya Allah. tolonglah hambuMu ini, aku tak mampu menanggung semua ini ya Allah, aku perlukan bantuanMu.. i dont know what i suppose to do next. i got no idea.  im being hurt by my own self. T.T
just let this matter off to somewhere, i need a great kick start! i want to back to the old me, please, i can't bear to face all this things. i need my supportive friend back, I need you back SOBRI, AFDHAL, NAQIU, MARWAN, FARIS SUHAIL, MUAZ, JAY,HAZWAN,NADZRUL,AMMAR and etc(sorry for not mentioning your names) . C5 members i NEED all of you. please give me some moral supports. :'( ...

ni lah result aku yang teruk gila :'(