24 Apr 2014

how to live without phone?

well, it's kinda of tough question .
there's no one could done that except my mother (she never use phone).
haha. well, to count on, it has been a month i dont use phone
(my phone was broken). yeah, i did mourn over it. it's like loosing a part of you.
you can neither call or message anymore. but to think about it, to
deeply think, i personally think that problem is cause by our own conscience. speaking of option
i have option to stress, to be happy or in my sadness. i choose to be in my happy phase. it's not bad at all. i have successfully reduce my spending on topup (my average spending for topup reached rm 100 /month)
it's sick. yeah. but after a month with no phone attach to my palm,
i could use the remaining money for my tummy (haha..  food)..
well it's hard to live without phone, but it's not impossible though.
yes, you have to stick to fact that you can't either message or call someone ..
yes, it's a bit suffer. but, when you unintentionally broken up your phone,
you have only the last choice; which is using
fuhhh... it has been eons ago since the last time i hold this phone. some of use will use it when we run out of credit (normal). but nowadays, people look down on those who uses public to call others. it's like something to embarrassed since everyone has their own phone by now. it's hard to describe when you heard someone is keep talking about you just because you use public phone to call . those bad talker shouldnt be care of . just let them be :) i used to it now, and i dont give a damn. haha.

other than that, i will have to keep my shy and ask others' permission to send message or call. this is a challenge for not making others annoyed with you. dont stick with the same person. use everybody's phone. (LOL). 

haha. see, how tough it is to live without a phone. but till now i manage to smile even phone is not within my grasp :) phone is not the big issue. the issue here is how to get connected with others :)