3 Apr 2014

The True Happiness

assalamualaikum.. i just wanna confess somethinh.
im in extreme happy when my last paper had finally ended just now (at 12.OO PM)
indescribable moment when all your hardworks seem to be blessed by the ending of paper.
so, everyone is leaving :'( that freaks me out.
i hate to be alone.
i hate the fact that i have no one to share my stories.
no one to selfie ..
zana had gone home. and bella will follow this night.
oh no.. oh noo. i started to miss them.
proudly say that: I cannot back to HOME!
yes.. it's ture. my application to SKIM KHIDMAT PELAJAR UITM have been approve. wohoaaaa..
i will be place in chemistry lab, i will help lab assistant.
omg. i cant believe it. i will be starting by tomorrow. wish me luck!
i dont have much hopes for this sem, i just hope that my efforts will be blessed by Allah.
i really want to have a DL in my results :) Aamiin !
last but not least, for all uitm student that had finished their final exam, have a niceee SEM BREAK!