10 Jul 2012

disappointed by..

once again, on the same quiz, i was disappointed, by me, by my ownself, i could answer all the question, but the problem is i didn't finish right on time. at my last question, i didn't have time to complete my inverse using adjoin method. i just finished my cofactor when madam raisnee pick up my paper. ok, i regret for that. i regret for having to much time on first Question, now im pondering about my mark that will be announce tomorrow. what if..
*i failed to achieve at least half from the full mark
*or im possible if getting ZERO! hopefully not!
*i get full mark! it's impossible ==, i didnt finish answering, how can i get full mark.

ok stop there, it's annoying. there's nothing to be declared. im the one who destines my result~ so accept it! even you'll get a worst result even or lowest among your friends. who cares, at least i do my very best, im bounded by the limited time *it's like im blaming time . opss.
i didn't mean it. really.
i dont have to regret nor mourn on that. cheer up, 2weeks to go, the real TEST! hoping the best from me will come out now. i want him~ ok, that's old. face up me soon. i need to accomplish my physics' tutorial exercises. by peeps. have a great day! ~assalamualaikum