11 Jul 2012


this is the time that I need to say that im jealous seeing :
-someone is happy with his bestfriend.
-people around me having such an understanding friends
-a few of my friends could get closer with ANYONE
-people laughing happily.

why do I jealous? i couldnt have it all at PALAM. alone here. *how many time i want to update about my loneliness here? ==, i have too. it's because i dont have any friend that i could story him everything happen. i dont have friend that being such care to me. * i missing my old friend at SMSSMJ. ok i need to stop. *this is university' life! please, you need to find friend. the problem is, who are willing to be my friend? err.. im thinking that many people here DON'T like me either. this is a mystery! is it? or im the one who makes this more mysterious than ever? *nonsense . im sorry for all my statement that is usually don't make sense. i know that. im write my blog to share what im feeling now.*some people dont even care about this. hello, im not asking you to care about me. shuhhh..get a life
why im being like this. just look at my writing. ok. emosi tertanggu taktala menjejakkan kaki di bumi PALAM bertuah ini.
relax. i need to relax.  off all my problems. i couldnt think them too much. istighfar banyak banyak.
think positive. im motivating my self. *ok hope it works! i want to sleep now. jadual esok ialah jadual yang paling ngeri! pack ! pack ==, need to have a great rest. esok tak nak la pengsan tengah jalan haha. :D ok. assalamualaikum peeps. please enjoy your sleep as long as you can!