9 Jul 2012


ada berita baik lagi, esok(10th of JUNE) QUIZ math, TO family of C5 and PALAMians that will facing QUIZ tomorrow, all the best! GET ready for the QUIZ tomorrow. but, i know that you always can do your best based on your performance on first QUIZ. i need to improve, at least I will got more than half from the full mark or if i could, i want A FULL MARK for MY MATH quiz. for quiz one. aku kecewa, lemah semangat dan rasa down sangat bila dapat result yang sangat teruk, but i know the reason for achieved that, that's totally because of me. aku tak buat revision. serve me right. hope i can do well tomorrow, and for the rest of family c5, hope that we could reach our target! all the best from me. so,aku tak start lagi buat revision. i decide to do so AFTER i updated my blog. just want to have some pray from readers *opss. tolong doakan ya. tomorrow is important day for me. insyaAllah. everything is going to be ok. what i just need to do now i must have a proper planning. inysaALLAH. OK then, it's time to do revision. my math books is calling for me now! good night peeps. have a great day tomorrow. sleep tight. if possible, let's wake up early. :D GOOD NIGHT

this is so true, we are the one who destines our grade.
bad or great is on our hands. we choose the right path right?
ok, this bear is wishing us ALL THE BEST FOR ALL OF US, C5!