6 Jul 2012


this is DON

thanks DON sebab sanggup mendengar segala masalah aku dekat PALAM. im very appreciate and i feel much more relieve now. sorry for forcing you to hear all those things that are not even related with you. dan aku mintak maaf sebab terpaksa menjadikan hang sebagai mangsa untuk aku lepaskan tekanan yang aku pendam since I was here. another thanks for still remembering me. :') thanks friend. thanks for all your advice. im in stressed today, sorry menangis depan hang. i can't bear on all the problems anymore, i need someone to share my problems, and you are the one who wills to hear them. aku tak tahu apa nak cakap. DON terbaik :D yeah yeah. true friend. don is truly caring, masa form 4, aku sebelah dia, he always ask me to story him my problems, share with him, but i denied, now, not anymore, im at PALAM, he's currently at Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah, tanpa diminta, aku cerita masalah aku *opsss..  aku HARAP untuk lain lain hari, hang masih lagi boleh menjadi pendengar aku lagi :D sorry for my request, it may trouble you, selain hang, aku tak tau sapa lagi :D as im the only and one in here~ yeah. yeah. thanks again.much relieve now. im happy now. i'll take note on all your advice. aku tak tahu macam mana lagi nak berterima kasih kepada hang, hang banyak tolong aku, thanks for being such a GOOD friend for me, yet a friend i hope to be forever. insyaAllah, may Allah S.W.T will give His Blessing towards you ways to EXCELLENCE :)

p/s: this song for you. sorry if it doesn't suit. :D enjoy.