29 Jul 2012

proudly to SAY that....

almost 7 hours i left my FACEBOOK and TWITTER because I managed to deactivated them, i love to read all of my friends' status updates. 
I wanted to know how they are running their day, all the activities, their latest pictures and the rest of things :) ok, i cant turn back, i must go through with my new life now !
 i had fixed that, i couldnt be removed. for sure.
 i need to think of my self. poor on him, hoping me to struggle all my way to grab 4.0 in CGPA.
 but on the previous test and quiz, i know that i have disappointed myself, it's just like i use for nothing. 
the past, just let it past.
 now, im running a new life, new spirit, hope that my laziness  can be overcome by deactivating my account. it's for sake of my importance. i need to sacrifice something that i love, to make something become reality. i used to see all my friends, which are very excellence, they could success with facebook, but why i cant? because i totally different. they could confront themself to do revision, tutorials, homework by their own, me? i cant manage my time well. as i online, i will never give me even a single chance to make some revision on subjects . it's a serious problem attacking me now. 
everyone has their own unique capabilities, and so do me? im not a fast learner, i need to really understood something, i cant study when hesitations are controlling myself. that is the true of me. 
dont compare me with others. you claim you know me well, as i could say there nothing much you know about a person name MOHAMMAD AKLIS AZMI.
 His creator and his self is the one who knows me very best. insyaAllah. i'll try to outgun my passion towards facebook and twitter. hope it helps