3 Aug 2012


SEEING all my my members got their result with SMILE ! Whooopppss.. what did i do ? the result i got couldnt render me even a fake smile. worst! egregious . i coudnt describe it. im among the LOWEST. what ever it is, i had try my VERY best in this test. just accept it with open heart. as long as i done with my best, there are nothing should be regret for. i must back to feeling GOOD. just do put another HUGE effort on the next test. people might say that this is not the end of life CHILL! how could i chill if i knew that i just have 2 TEST to go through. done with one test, one test is LEFT! another test will be toughest than the first, it freaks me OUT! T.T i cant bear to stand on this sadness anymore. i want someone to share all my depression , sadness and tears. this is terrible i got 46% . truly BAD BAD BAD and BAD. I COULDNT wonder about what will happen to my math and physics result. it will be among the worst ! i still have time, and about 5 WEEKS before FINAL ! FINAL ! FINAL ! after a week of eid, we'll be facing 2ND test. depressed. :( please help me. i lost my confidence. everyone thinks im happy, but what do they know about me? about my feeling right now. i will try to keep on smiling and laughing even though no one knows what i feel inside. ALLAH will be always at my side ! no doubT