2 Aug 2012


recently just done with my pre-speaking test for MUET during BEL Class today! i volunteered my self to the speaking test that needed for 4 members in group to start. i have to brave myself, i want to overcome my fear of talking in front others with my point. worried that it's not an appropriate suggestions and reason. 2 boys that volunteered are me, and wafri, and the rest, 2 girls had been chosen by Madam Azreen. we were given a task about roles of parent(me), school(wafri), and others(sorry i couldnt remember them) that were delivered by shazleen and shahirah hasim. frankly speaking, i didnt satisfy with my performance, there are lot of hesitation that could be sense by madam, especially on my sentence structure and countless errors on GRAMMAR! i really need to pay more attention to grammar and i must do something to make me calm as i seemed to be nervous while pointing my opinions. by the way, madam had given the BAND based on MUET, i managed to got Band 4, shazleen, high band 3, shahirah and wafri both got band 3. i could see my hand shivered . fuhhhh .. that was a nervous moment when i need to use all the 2 minutes given wisely to point out our ideas and make a short conclusion of them. by the way, another disappointment moment for today is when i got my CHEMISTRY TEST result! disappointed with ONLY 13 1/2 ! i think im the lowest among my friends! T.T really sad to hear a TREMENDOUS result like this. but, i know i dont need to disappoint as im the one who destines my result. madam khamsatul had seen me after phyiscs lecture, she advice me to form study group. i could sense disappointment on her face. im sorry, madam :( my problem, i dont have friends to start with. if i asked insyirah, hanis and suffi, will they willing to help me? madam suggested that i should come learn with her on WEDNESDAY. i would probably say yes. but i need extra helps from friends that i closed to. ok. now proceed to bio, miss hamizah came for tutorial, she said that 5 members of C5 were failed ! include ONE boy, i think that's me ! ya Allah. i couldnt bear to this anymore. i need to work hard, get a good result for my parents! i need and i must!