6 Oct 2012


Assalamualaikum !
i just read something on group facebook asasi PALAM,
its stated that for those who failed one or more subjects during final, i mean overall,
they will not be able to continue their foundation. but, they will be offered to diploma programme.
i think im going to be the one who will be EXPELLED from here !

based on my bad performance on tests, quizzes and THS FINAL.
this creepy. i think that i failed to pass my on my physics and math.
it scares me, a lot. im not giving up. im expecting. i know everything about me.
you could predict what will you get from your performance.
ACTUALLY, i dont really bother about this, im just worried that this will disappoint
my parents so MUCH ! i have tried my best. what can i do. its just like i was stated to fail here.
i cant blame all this happen just because of me.
doesnt matter. there's always room for IMPROVEMENT.
i failed to shine here, it DOESNT mean that i will fail to shine for the rest of my life.
i need time, i need supports. feels like i just want to be here for ever, i dont want to back HOME
i mean it, i afraid to tell my PARENT everything. i keep hiding all this matters since i came here.
im not an easy going person, i always keep all my problem together.
im not closed with my parents either.. its hard for me to share something with them
parent knows their child the best. i know that. im not ready yet to disappoint them
but, its better for me to tell them early,
before everything comes to its end :'(
whatever it is, and whatever going to happen ONWARD from now, what i just can say is
im hoping the best are on my way. insyaAllah. do pray for me peeps :)

p/s: im ready to go to anywhere. i still have my passion !!!