16 Nov 2012

With Whom U should Spend Your Life & Time

Assalamualaikum :) back me again here.as everyone has their own SAHABAT SEJATI  but, is it worth to spend ur time with them? are they willing to go through your thick and thin and always ready to be at ur side? Im not questioning about how sincere your SAHABAT SEJATI is, just trying to highlight some aspect that really important. :) hope that u will get something that could give u benefits by reading this. thank you :D comments are allowed !

People who are WORTH for you to spend your TIME and LIFE with:

  • someone who knows how to APPRECIATE you 
  • Someone who knows how to RESPECT you
  • Someone who knows How to FORGIVE and to be FORGIVE
  • Someone who make you feel and become BETTER
  • someone who makes you REMEMBER ALLAH SWT more !
BY that if you have that someone, InsyaAllah, they really LOVE you BECAUSE OF ALLAH SWT and LOVE because of Allah will last FOREVER!

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